CHAPTER SIX: EZRA, the first person short story of a snob


EZRA is a twenty-eight-year-old Orthodox Jewish hipster. He lives in our hero building only because of subsidies, which he was lucky enough to get. He studied anthropology but never finished university. He works as a cashier at a bookstore. He is very social and has many friends and girlfriends. He loves music and often goes to concerts and writes scathing reviews of live shows and new albums on his relatively popular music blog. Many consider him a snob but love his sharp tongue and sense of humor. Ezra goes to the local synagogue and prays daily. He grew up in a working class, atheist Jewish household, and rebelled against his good-for-nothing parents by embracing orthodoxy. To his own surprise, the men at the synagogue and his Rabbi became fundamental additions to his life. Now as an adult, his spiritual attachment to his religious practice gives him a sense of identity and clarity.