CHAPTER FIVE: MARIE-ELISE, the first person short story of a cool kid


MARIE-ELISE (MARLISE) is a fifteen-year-old angry teenager. She was raised mostly by her university prof father, who is often lost in his books and has little tolerance for Marlise’s dramas. Marlise’s mother, Sylvie, left when Marlise was about ten years old. She started a new family and has twin boys by her new husband. Marlise and her mother do not get along. Marie-Elise is a closet goth, full of dark thoughts. She has a boyfriend and spends time with his BMX-er crowd, but she never feels fully a part of the group. She longs for something else. What she needs more than anything, but would never verbalize it, even to herself, is the love and acceptance of her father she secretly adores.