Current Work

I’m interested in portraiture; what can be revealed of a subject, and the inherent narrative that is created by what is included – and left out- of the final work. I create portraits of people, places, characters; drawings and prints informed by various source material, such as found photographs, mythology, and the invisible microbial profile that surround us all.

The majority of these works are part of a larger series that I’ve created at Kala Art Institute from 2017 to 2019. As an Artist-In-Resident and a Parent-Artist Fellow, I’ve had the pleasure of working in the former ketchup factory in West Berkeley.

Jenn (Thank You)2018Drawing; ink on paper23″ x 34″

DeShea2018Drawing; ink on paper24″ x 35″

KK2018Drawing; ink on paper12″ x 18″

JuviTaur2018Screenprint; ink on paper16″ x 20″

PabloTaur2018Screenprint; ink on paper16″ x 21″

Awolfin Sane2018Screenprint, Ink on Paper12″ x 12″

NurseWolf2019Screenprint; ink on paper12″ x 12″

Sweater #22018Screenprint; ink on paper16″ x 21″

Sweater #22018.Screenprint, Ink on Paper. 16″ x 21″

Orange2017Screenprints, Ink on Paper12″ x 12″ Pink2017Screenprint, Ink on Paper12″ x 12″

Faye, 2017 Dyptych. Screenprint; ink on paper 22.5″ x 32″

William Munroe2017Screenprint; ink on paper23.5″ x 12″

Sydney2017Screenprint; ink on paper15″ x 20″

Doris2017Screenprint; ink on paper18″ x 23″

This Man Refused To Open His Eyes2017Digital Print on aluminium24″ x 12″

Foyer2016Screenprint; ink on paperIllustration from the Graphic Novel, Noli Timere24″ x 17″

    Fearless Leader2017Screenprint; ink on paper17.5″ x 12.5″


Past Work



Traditional and digital illustration for print and web. Clients include Magazine, Journal of Design and Science, Gopher Magazine, Hacking Creativity, and Pylagen, Inc. <    


Responsive Web Design   I design fully functional and responsive websites that look great no matter what screen the site is viewed upon. I’m involved with the projects from idea inception to deliverable product; sketches and wireframes to mock-ups; prototypes to finished, polished sites. Eric L Berlow Portfolio website design of Eric L Berlow, a…