Current Work

I’m interested with the metaphor of the invisible that surrounds us. Each of us has a unique microbial profile that interacts with other’s microbiome, and can be detected in a given place long after we have vacated it. For me, this idea questions the border of the self – where we as individuals stop, and where ‘we’ as community begins.

The majority of these works are part of a larger series that I’ve created at Kala Art Institute since December of 2016. As an Artist-In-Resident, and more recently as a Parent-Artist Fellow, I’ve had the pleasure of working in the Kala printmaking studio.

For many of these prints, I’ve used mugshots from the 1920’s, and given each individual their unique microbial cloud that hovers above them. I was taken by the gaze of the subjects of these photographs – particularly the women. The men of this photo series were mostly career criminals, and were in police custody for burglary, gambling, racketeering, etc. The majority of the women were there as abortionists, some with additional trumped-up charges. The look in their eyes read as defiant, proud, as well as scared.

Faye, sitting2017screenprint; ink on paper22.5″ x 16.5″

William Munroe2017Screenprint; ink on paper23.5″ x 12″

Sydney2017Screenprint; ink on paper15″ x 20″

Doris2017Screenprint; ink on paper18″ x 23″

This Man Refused To Open His Eyes2017Digital Print on aluminium24″ x 12″

Foyer2016Screenprint; ink on paperIllustration from the Graphic Novel, Noli Timere24″ x 17″

    Fearless Leader2017Screenprint; ink on paper17.5″ x 12.5″


Past Work



Traditional and digital illustration for print and web. Clients include Magazine, Journal of Design and Science, Gopher Magazine, Hacking Creativity, and Pylagen, Inc. <    


Responsive Web Design   I design fully functional and responsive websites that look great no matter what screen the site is viewed upon. I’m involved with the projects from idea inception to deliverable product; sketches and wireframes to mock-ups; prototypes to finished, polished sites. Eric L Berlow Portfolio website design of Eric L Berlow, a…