Responsive Web Design


I design fully functional and responsive websites that look great no matter what screen the site is viewed upon. I’m involved with the projects from idea inception to deliverable product; sketches and wireframes to mock-ups; prototypes to finished, polished sites.

Eric L Berlow

Portfolio website design of Eric L Berlow, a Network Ecologist, Data Scientist, and popular TED speaker. Features an interactive network map of research, collaborators, and ongoing projects that visually link emergent themes and concepts.



Website and Identity design for emergent fashion line. Proceeds from sales of Lupa’s wolf-inspired designs are donated to various non-profit organizations that work to create and conserve North American wolf habitat.

Meta Center

Custom WordPress theme, Website, and Identity design for a Microbial Ecological Research Institution based at the University of Oregon.


Grown Skis

Website featuring a custom WordPress theme design for company specializing in sustainable tourism, production of carbon-nuetral ski gear, and bridging science-industry partnerships in Regenerative Design.


Identity and Logo design for corporate and educational institutions. Clients include The University of California, University of Oregon, University of Connecticut, Department of Energy, and Phylagen, Inc.

Roller Derby Event Posters

I was asked to create posters and various promotional material for the Emerald City Roller Girls, a diverse group of talented and competitive Roller Derby skaters.


Current Work

I’m interested in portraiture; what can be revealed of a subject, and the inherent narrative that is created by what is included – and left out- of the final work. I create portraits of people, places, characters; drawings and prints informed by various source material, such as found photographs, mythology, and the invisible microbial profile…

Past Work



Traditional and digital illustration for print and web. Clients include Magazine, Journal of Design and Science, Gopher Magazine, Hacking Creativity, and Pylagen, Inc. <