Traditional and digital illustration for print and web. Clients include Magazine, Journal of Design and Science, Gopher Magazine, Hacking Creativity, and Pylagen, Inc.


Editorial illustrations for Nautilus Magazine’s article “Meet the Neighbors You’ll Never See”. Read the entire piece here.

Noli Timere

Noli timere is a science-fiction graphic novel that tells the story of interconnected people around the world who all become infected with a complex bacteria that gradually alters their perceptions of the world around them. As they struggle to discover meaning in their new awareness, our characters must first come to terms with a massive…

Hacking Creativity

Picasso claimed it starts with an act of destruction. Einstein suggested it springs from our own innate curiosity. Steve Jobs insisted it’s simply “connecting things.” But no matter where it comes from, creativity allows us to shape the world we live in. Hacking Creativity, led by the Red Bull High Performance group, is the largest…

Tiny Shiny

  A small textbook on the human microbiome featuring the characters and scenery of the film ‘The Shining’. The Tiny Shiny describes how different parts of our bodies support vastly diverse ecosystems of thousands species of life.   Published online by the Journal of Design and Science by MIT Media Press.

2010 KALX Swag Design

Lucky to be chosen! Best damn station anywhere.

Air Guitar

Personal illustration project. Too personal, perhaps.



Current Work

I’m interested in portraiture; what can be revealed of a subject, and the inherent narrative that is created by what is included – and left out- of the final work. I create portraits of people, places, characters; drawings and prints informed by various source material, such as found photographs, mythology, and the invisible microbial profile…

Past Work



Responsive Web Design   I design fully functional and responsive websites that look great no matter what screen the site is viewed upon. I’m involved with the projects from idea inception to deliverable product; sketches and wireframes to mock-ups; prototypes to finished, polished sites. Eric L Berlow Portfolio website design of Eric L Berlow, a…