Noli Timere

Noli timere is a science-fiction graphic novel that tells the story of interconnected people around the world who all become infected with a complex bacteria that gradually alters their perceptions of the world around them. As they struggle to discover meaning in their new awareness, our characters must first come to terms with a massive shift in their sense of self.

Playing with the convention of the deadly contagion plot and turning it on its head, the infection ultimately gives our main characters a newfound appreciation of the rampant transfer of microbial genes flowing between themselves and everything in their surrounding environment: people, pets, plants, and even inanimate objects in the urban environment. Even though the characters have never met, they understand each other deeply, as they have experienced life as each other; they begin to operate as a single organism.

Noli timere provides the reader a visual representation of the unseen world of microbes: how they thrive in and alter every environment. It invites the reader to rethink what it means to be human and to consider, from a microscopic perspective, what defines us as individuals, bringing out the science of how we are connected to one another.